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05-24-2005, 11:19 AM
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The NLL is looking like the only game in town. The lacrosse final was a pretty good ride. Bettman has single handedly destroyed my favorite sport and will go down, in my book, as a greedy little snot, in perpetuity and infamy. SSSSSSS.

Recently a friend died of the big C, (not Lindros). She had staved off elimination once before but she could not hold out this time. She was a huge Kings fan. Her son was named after Kelly Hrudy. Kelly is about as sweet a youngster as you can imagine. A hockey player and fan. She spent the last months of her life without the game she loved. That is just wrong. These kind of things are happening all around the hockey world. Is it time to fold the tent? Bettman thinks so. He stinks. Rest in peace Julie, we remember you fondly, and we also remember the game you loved.

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