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Originally Posted by JimCareyPrice View Post
This is it.

The Habs are playing the best hockey of easily the last half decade or longer. Even better than the anomaly of 2006-2007. It's not hard to remember a time when they were routinely outchanced, sagged badly with the lead, who seemed incapable of forechecking or going to the net. I'll give JM credit, he seems to have culled these traits from the herd.

The team forechecks, uses it's speed, closes gaps quickly, blocks shots, gives second effort, and seemingly has dropped it's identity of being only a special teams heavyweight that relies on unbelievable goaltending and fortunate momentum shifts.

Who knows what has created this rebirth. With nobody fighting for a big contract, or the captaincy, and with last years crutch and good luck charm playing in St. Louis perhaps the team has just naturally settled in and bought in to some team approach the coach was selling all along.

And yes, definitely Price is part of the new and improved program. He's shown he can step up to being a puckstopper that can help them win moreso than a puckstopper that can play well enough to not be singled as a cause for losing. He's sharper and has taken care of glaring weaknesses that were holding him back, which I can only suspect came from harder work. And maybe that's this year's answer. Hard work, being infectious as it is sometimes, can snowball when it's shown by the right people.

Like you said, something is different this year and it extends well beyond the blue ice.
Bingo! I think you're right, it's a group effort but in a case with a goalie the spotlight is magnified for the better or worse.

It's definitely hard work though, he's the most played goalie in the NHL right now and he's on pace to have a repeat of his awesome rookie season, only difference is back then he was a kid now he's a man. I think come playoff time we'll see the difference, this season we'll likely win games we would otherwise have lost had it not been for his stellar goaltending though, that I will say.

I hope Auld gets some chances and comes up big cause if he does that would be epic. We need Price to be ready for the post season. I'd rather finish 6th-8th with a healthy Price than 1-5th and Price is tired as ****. Hope Auld gets some more starts and we get the win.

Originally Posted by Craig71 View Post
This is the most accurate and best post I have read so far in this season...Awesome dude!!!! Great take on the team, years prior to this one the team would sag and lose horribly...a fine example would have been any time Markov was injured, If the PP slumped, Kovalev and Plekanec and top guys not scoring, not so this year....Our guys are winning in spite of it, not losing because of it. Great post
Yeah exactly and if injuries don't screw us over we could have an alright chance in the post season. For me though I think next season will be the deciding point in us becoming a known contender for 3+ years. What Gauthier does in this off season is really important. I personally think so long as Price is playing like this the habs "puzzle" is now only missing a couple pieces I also think UFA's will now want to sign here because they'll recognize our hard working team, good work ethic, good management, good history and a good team. That's what will make some UFA's say "hrmm I could sign in San Jose but why not sign in Montreal and try to win a Stanley Cup". We need to separate ourselves from those middle of the pack teams and imo Gauthier has a serious opportunity to do it this off season.

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