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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Stats wise maybe, but most players are at least able to keep doing what they are doing. For example, richards gets points through sheer determination, some nights he is giving his all, but points just don't come.

Carter however, will miss the net consistently, and float in all three zones, while other nights he will own the puck, and will get at least 4-5 scoring chances
I think you're being unduly harsh to Carter. Even when he's not scoring, he's a diligent defensive player and does lots of little things well for the team.

I mean, lets present Richards' struggles in an unflattering light:

When Richards is having off nights its usually because he's trying way too hard, and doing stupid **** when he has an "easy" play that he could do (he's particularly guilty of this in the defensive zone at times). He spent the majority of the first half of last season forcing every single pass to Gagne (who couldn't score to save his life) and it neutered his line's effectiveness.

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