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11-13-2010, 01:05 PM
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I play both racquetball and squash. If I play squash a lot and take a few weeks off racquetball, then have a game of racquetball (or vice-versa), I have some difficulties in the nuances. Angles for Z-shots, racquet angle and timing to spin the ball, how much time I have to get to the ball, etc. The basics I can do just fine, but the more advanced techniques take extra focus. If I play both sports regularly, this isn't an issue, only if I play one exclusively for a while.

However, I've never played lacrosse, so I can't say how confusing it would be to play hockey and lacrosse in the same season. No other sport causes any "confusion" for hockey, but then again, no other sport I play is similar to hockey.

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