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11-13-2010, 05:27 PM
Terence Peterman
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No. I don't get these threads or posts...every ****ing time Homer doesn't **** the bed people act like we should applaud until our hands fall off because A) "It's a great deal (or move)" or B) "He 'made up' for a worse move."

It may not be in his job title, but it is the guy's job to not **** up. He's done it with too much regularity to really have any credibility at all, even with a good move, because they're more anomalous than anything else. Besides...the cap hit on this deal is fantastic. The inherent risk of an 11-year contract isn't.

Edit: Before anyone comes and says "Yeah, but look at the on-ice results," consider this -- if you don't study for a test and expect to do poorly, but end up doing don't say you studied well, do you? The team's success is largely (and somewhat miraculously) in spite of the moves made by our FO.

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