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05-24-2005, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo

I saw plenty. In fact, Lafontaine's 1992-93 season is one of my all time favorites. Not only did he score a ton of points but the goals and assists were BEAUTIFUL. It was awesome to watch.

But, the truth is, Martin St. Louis has a scoring title, 1st team all star, Hart Trophy and Stanley Cup to his credit. Lafontaine never accomplished that in his career.
You really are a card. It isn't like he won that scoring title, 1st team all star, or Hart Trophy at the same time that LaFontaine didn't. You'll never concede that such a thing matters, which is why people think you're so ridiculous. I'm not even saying it is ridiculous to think St. Louis is better than LaFontaine, but the reasons you're giving to support that statement are.

Since you've seen both players play, why not stick to what you've seen and not what a bunch of people voted for versus what a bunch of (partially different) people didn't vote for 15 years earlier.

The fundamental flaw in your ****-eyed (can't believe that is blocked) system and entire way of comparing players through eras is that you hold who a player had to contend with against him when you shouldn't and don't when you should. LaFontaine winning a Hart in the 80's is automatically out the window since there was this guy named Wayne something or other. Then the guys who won in the early 90's... Messier, Hull, Super Mario. Sure, it would have been great for him if he rose above those names one of those years, but we're talking about absolute hockey legends here.

St. Louis had one very good season for the first time at age 29 and isn't the best forward on his team. I like the guy a lot and he has great heart, but one good season doesn't make him better than LaFontaine. I'd say LaFontaine's big season was better than St. Louis' anyhow, and every other season certainly goes in Patty's favor.

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