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10-06-2003, 12:47 PM
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Season Predictions (Oilers and League)

Western Conference
1. Colorado Avalanche - The two best lines in the league with a killer top 3 D. Aebisher is the only question, but he has been underrated the past couple of years. Only question is if they can get it done in the playoffs.

2. Dallas Stars - Good 3 forward lines, solid D and a very good goalie. Hatcher's absence will hurt.

3. Detroit RedWings - Best top 4 D in league and 2 high level goalies, forwards not as strong, but still get the job done.

4. Vancouver Canucks - Once again, the Naslund and Bertuzzi show. D is pretty solid, still not sure of goaltending.

5. Edmonton Oilers - Good young group of players, Izzy and Hemsky look ready to break out. Salo looks to be in top form, but D is a little weak.

6. Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Gained more than they lost in the offseason, don't think the D is that great.

7. St. Louis Blues - Now have all the stars, but not the depth. Pronger for a full season will be a big boost.

8. Los Angeles - Assuming Allison and Deadmarsh shake off their injuries, if not they'll fall.

On the bubble: San Jose

Eastern Conference

1. Ottawa Senators - Great set of forwards and D with a very good goalie.

2. New Jersey Devils- Same old team, stingy D gets it done.

3. Carolina Hurricanes - Complete reversal of last year, avoid injuries and they'll get it done.

4. Philadelphia Flyers - Only if Hackett stays healthy. Very solid.

5. New York Islanders - Top 4 just behind Detroit. May have some trouble scoring and DiPietro has to step up.

6. New York Rangers - All the talent. Maybe they learn the "team" concept?

7. Boston Bruins - Thornton and Murray lead the way. Have a solid D but questions in goal.

8. Washington Capitals - Jagr turns it around and dominates. Gonchar and Kolzig and good once again.

On the bubble: Toronto, Atlanta (would be in for Wash. if Heatley was in the lineup.)

As far as the Oilers go,
I see Hemsky leading the team with 85 points. (25-60-85)
Smyth should score 35-45-80
Izzy with 30-20-50
Dvorak at 30-30-60

I'm sure that I am overly optimistic with the Oilers spot in the conference and offensive totals. If Comrie signs soon, he could put up around 60-70 points. Hemsky is going to be the focus this year.

So what is every one else's predictions?

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