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10-06-2003, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by gmdevils
I'm pretty certain that the right of first refusal is given to the original club. I have heard it several times, and it happened when the Canes claimed Josh Holden from the Canucks, then tried to send him to the minor's, and the Canucks reclaimed him. The closest thing that I could find in the CBA was this:

13.18. (b) A player who has been acquired by waiver claim shall not
be transferred to another Club until the termination of playoffs
of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered
on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when
waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.

Maybe someone more familiar with the CBA could help out, because to me, that reads like the original team would've had to make a claim on him when he was put through waivers. Which doesn't make a lot of sense.

In addition, the reason that Lowe would make the 46k or whatever it actually was, is this rule:

13.37. (a) For players and goalkeepers acquired by waivers by
original Club (the Club having lost the player in the Waiver
Draft) as provided in subsection 13.14, the waiver price shall be
reduced by one-half.

(b) The currency for the claiming price shall be determined
by the location of the Club from which the player was claimed.
Further to that,

13.20. When a Club claims a player on waivers, and,
subsequently, in the same season it requests waivers on the same
player and the original owning Club is the successful and only
Club making a waiver claim, then the original owning Club shall
be entitled to loan such player to a club in another league
within thirty days without further waivers being asked; provided
that such player has not participated in ten or more League games
(cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days
(cumulative) following such successful claim.

Essentially it looks as though if Valiquette is at any time to go to the minors this, we have first dibs on him for the minors, but if another team wants him in the NHL, he is theirs.

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