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11-13-2010, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by RabidBadger View Post
The Gleason hit was eerily reminiscent of the Bina hit but without the same consequence, thank god. Sorry, it's not as simple as "keep your head up". You could say that about the Martin incident and the Blake Geoffrion/Erin Marvin hit last year. I'm seeing more of a problem with players who need to keep their elbows down (hello, Hextall, Malone, et. al) than players who need to keep their head up. The fact that NoDak has been involved in 3 dodgy hits is no more of a conspiracy than Craig Smith getting tossed for some questionable agression the past couple years.

I call BS when I see it, whether it be a Badger player or otherwise: tuck the F***ing elbow when you hit someone and do not drive into a player when you're near the boards!
Gleason hit him in the shoulder.It was boarding for 2 minutes.I call it like I see it too.That hit wasn't even close to when Bina got drilled. See for yourself.
Marvin hit Genoway in the back and Genoway had his head up.Marvin is like 6 inches taller than him.Come on man.
Oh by the way SIOUXWEEP!!!!!!!!! Men against boys tonite.Sioux outshoot bucky 43-16.

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