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11-14-2010, 05:13 AM
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I must say that I was in total shock last night by the behavior of some female Hawks fans. With as obnoxious as DRW fans have been in the past, these 5-6 females really showed their complete rear ends.

I had 3 extremely nice Chicago fans directly behind me. Of course, we had some good natured smack talk but that's what helps the game be more fun. We actually ended up high 5ing each other for each other's goals.

These females were about 3 rows back and were very drunk but that is no excuse for the filth they were saying. In fact, the oldest one kept cursing and leaning over to shake her "upper" body at me as I was commenting on their classlessness.

For those who actually know me - just know that I did NOT curse back or lower myself to their level. I finally got to the point of "just laughing at them" and said "how does it feel on the bandwagon?" then turned around to ignore them.

These particular Chicago fans are like the ones who throw beer and food on fans of other teams. They are also are like the ones that will physically go after an opposing fan.

These female types were disgusting. However, I'd like to thank all those Chicago fans who were classy and fun to be around.

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