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Originally Posted by Erik Stall View Post
I think with this current NHL squad we're probably heading into being sellers at the deadline, so some guys will get their chance then. I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic about the Canes but I just don't see them having the defense or top end talent on offense to consistently play well. If that's the case, most, if not all the guys with expiring contracts shouldn't be back here next year. We've pretty much tied our hands this year with the signings this offseason.. there's not going to be any real rebuild, at least not for a few more months.

Depending on who has the better year, contract negotiations, etc.. I wouldn't mind seeing one of Cole or Jokinen back. The rest are expendable, IMO, and can be replaced with cheaper options down on the farm.
Right now we're heading into next season right around 27.55 million tied up in 10 players. There actually are a couple of key UFAs that need to be re-signed but there's an absolutely TON of dead weight that can be cut. The 4.5 million tied up in the buyouts alone will be gone by next season.

Joni Pitkanen - 4.5 (4.0 hit)
Erik Cole - 3.0 (2.9 hit)
Sergei Samsonov - 2.8 (2.533 hit)
Chad LaRose - 1.9 (1.7 hit)
Jussi Jokinen - 1.9 (1.7 hit)
Anton Babchuk - 1.4 (1.4 hit)
Patrick Dwyer - 500K (500K hit)

Brandon Sutter - .875 (1.225 hit)
Patrick O'Sullivan - 600K (600K hit)
Jiri Tlusty - 500K (500K hit)

Absolute given that Sutter and Tlusty will be back and get more then they're making now. Sutter probably a 2 or 3 year deal for about 2.5 per. Tlusty for around 700K on another one year.

UFA wise, Pitkanen is a must as long as it's reasonable. If he'll take 5.0 or below to stay here then JR would be an idiot to let him walk. Dwyer we can probably bring back for somewhere between the league minimum he's making now and 600K. Cole I'd bring back but absolutely no idea what it would take. I'll guess 2.5 per for now. Likewise I'll put Jussi in the "bring him back" pile, probably for just a bit more then he's making now so let's say 1.75 to 2.0 on a two or three year deal.

40.85 with 3 holes up front and 2 on defense. Forwards we can address from within so another 1.2 for Boychuk, 875K for Dalpe and 850K for either Osala or Bowman. Defensively I honestly expect one of Carson, Borer or Sanguinetti to take over the #6 spot. Not sure which of those 3 but I'll say Carson for around 550K.

That puts us at: 44.325 million. Or in otherwords with an additional 4 million to play around with and bring in a legit top 4 defenseman. Just about what a Regehr or Sarich costs in cap hit. If they actually increase the budget a good bit, they could bring in a UFA forward as well, but that's just wishful thinking.

edit, here's my projected lineup with that:

Skinner - Staal - Cole
Boychuk - Sutter - Ruutu
Jokinen - Dalpe - Osala
Tlusty - Dwyer - Kostopoulos

Pitkanen - Regehr
Gleason - McBain
prospect - Corvo

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