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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Eat it, haters. Carter's going to be here for the rest of his career.
He had better win at least one Stanley Cup and show up in the playoffs for this to be worth anything, period. ECF's or just showing up in the SCF's, this is clearly on Richards and Carter to carry this team to a Stanley Cup, anything else and the legacy is that they got paid good money for a lot of years.

Originally Posted by The Rainbow Express View Post
I don't like him, but how can I be mad at a guy with a 5.27 cap hit?

Was expecting over 6, but he took almost 1 million less. Love it. Can't stay mad at him. I'll learn to appreciate him over the next 11.
I agree, Carter has the skills to be a good scorer, will he keep it up? He is paid now so no excuses.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Love the cap hit.

Do not like the length.
See, we can agree.

Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
WOW! Man this is going to be a great core for many years.

See above, nothing short of a Stanley Cup is this a good deal. Homer is locking into these guys to show up during the regular season and in the playoffs, they need to be professional and take this responsibility seriously on and off the ice. The face of the franchise means the success of failure of the team lies directly on their shoulders.

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan View Post
No trade clause breaks down as follows

Year one - No, no trade clause
Years 2-4 - Full no trade clause
Years 5-11 - Carter can give a list of 10 teams, that he will not accept a trade to
Thanks for that, I was wondering where the NTC was going to fall and if they would attempt to negotiate a NMC?

Originally Posted by mercury View Post
You don't sign a guy to a 11-year, $58 million contract if you plan on trading him within 4 years, anyway. Not even if you're Paul Holmgren.
This deal is for him to stay, but it does offer one out if they need it, now that he is signed to this type of deal it is very easy to trade if needed. I do not think they will, but it certainly makes for a very attractive deal for a team to take on in a trade if Homer did contemplate a move in this window of time.

Originally Posted by Danny Duberstein View Post
This deal is very very fair and that's why it makes me uneasy. When you commit to a guy for that long, you want it to be a decisive win for the franchise.

To me the best LONG deals are still 1) Richards 2) Ovechkin. Both guys signed at the exact right time. Richards was a huge value and there was serious meaning in the commitment to him to boot. Ovie was more a matter of locking him in at the current rate and locking him down as a top five skater in the league but it was also fabulous.

I have pretty much hated all these other deals and almost all these teams will live to regret them.

This deal is sort of interstitial. He's not too old--like the Detroit guys. He's not too much of a gold-or-glitter question--like Luongo and Kovalchuk. He's getting paid the right money at the right time for the right production.

That said, the Flyers could have made out just as well had he been willing to take a *slight* hometown discount, which is reasonable since he's been here his whole career, he likes the organization and the city and, if I am not mistaken, he was headed for restricted free agency, not unrestricted free agency. Was it really that far-fetched to imagine him taking a 5yr/30M deal? Is 700K in savings really worth this type of commitment? Yes, you're saying a good $1.5M, maybe as high as $2.5M over his open-market price, but he was not going to hit the open market.

I am very happy he is back in the fold, I cannot say it's a BAD deal but I'm also a little hesitant to celebrate too heartily. That said, the Flyers have money, they can buy guys out or bury them in the minors and it's going to be a LONG time before they have to cross that bridge with Carter.

I agree, if he scores 35+ goals during the season, team makes the ECF's and gets booted by the Pens while Carter is not a significant contributor this deal is an albatross. The only way this deal is good is is when the Flyers win the Cup, I cannot reiterate this enough. Locking in on these players is much like Lindros in the late 1990's, the move is made to win a Cup and nothing short. This lies on Carter and Richards, the core of the franchise who the organization has invested into the future on what they "will do" not like Pronger, Timonen, or even to a certain extent Briere where the organization was investing into what they could bring to the team to fill needs and based on those skills.

That being said, I like the deal but it is still a wait and see for how these guys perform over the length of the contracts and whether in 3 years we are seeing the results we expect.

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