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11-14-2010, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by HappyKappy View Post
I quit school at 20, went back at 22, and am now nearly finished at Drexel.

Currently an all too recently out of work bartender, will be going into the Secret Service upon graduation.
I thought I would be getting a job with the Secret Service 6 years ago but things fell through. Passed the Polygraph and was told by other agents that I was a shoe in, only to receive a letter questioning a neck/back injury I listed on my app. Yes, 10 months into the process they JUST FREAKING REALIZE that I listed that I had a serious injury in highschool and now wanted me to see an Ortheopedic Surgeon. I did, he gave me a clean bill of health, and 2 weeks later I receive a letter that I am no longer a candidate. Talk about completely jerking me around. I probably would have hated my initial assignment anyway. They told me I would be assigned to the Whitehouse as Security Detail which would require standing for most of the time. The hours I was told I would be working for the first year would be horrible as well. I make much more now that I would have had I gotten that job so no big loss.

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