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11-14-2010, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Tray4Adams View Post
You and Cammalleri would get along. Have you never heard of the term Hockey IQ? Have you not watched the Montreal Canadiens play?

He passes when he should shoot, shoot when he should pass, makes stupid plays like it's his job.

Like I said, he has a world class shot, which is the reason he is in the NHL and the reason he makes so much money. 30 + goal scorers are hard to come by but maybe watch #13 next time and you'll see the bonehead plays he makes.

He thinks he has Kovalev's hands, but he doesn't. He has nothing but a shot.

he's gonna score 30+ goals and think he is the next Richard, but in reality, he's just not that good.

Edit: It'd be nice if he actually focused on scoring goals rather than making sure his BioSteel product gets some airtime in his pre/post game interviews
Anyhow, the guy is ina bit of a slump, but come one, he has been nothing but a real pro and leader since arriving here...

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