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11-14-2010, 01:17 PM
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Okay, after initial jubilation and enjoying a great game at the WFC, and then a night to sleep on it and a time of skimming this thread today... I have come away feeling no less elated, and even more secure in a couple more ways than I did last night.

I agree that as Jester pointed out, and other alluded to, long term deals as DiPietro's can be damaging... But Philadelphia is in a better position than LI and Center is a better situation than a goalie. Unless it is like DP a long term but not career ending situation the Flyers can eat the $5.275 cap and $58M cash. Other players can center, picking up the slack and he is not the franchise anything at this point; they can be fine if he falls flat on his face and can retire if warranted at any point due to injury or whatever, and can be compensated monetarily, yet off the cap as I understand things... DP is an albatross on LI, I believe it would be a stretch for Carter to be here on top tier healthy Organization with the likes of Richards, Giroux, Briere, Lieno(?) etal.

... What I have come to see more clearly today is that Carter's foregoing shopping himself or being poached and matched at a much higher Cap hit has allowed the Flyers to keep better quality role players on additional player(s) over the next 11 seasons. For example: if instead of $5.275M he took lss years and more money or was poached and matched at (let's say) $8M the Flyers would have to steal from Peter (other players) $2.725M to pay Paul (Carter)... This could mean replacing Betts and Powe with cheaper and less talented PKers, or bringing in $0.5M farmhands to be role players. Even Nodl could be too expensive, and a Carcillo may have to be moved for the difference... Or maybe JvR would have to not be allowed to be given the to develop, all being replaced with $0.5M players who would have to be replaced once their contracts grew... to maintain the core players on board... Or they would have to go the Devils route and skim layers and go light; no extras... Or the good young D-men would have to be broken u before they would be replacing Kimmo and Prongs.

All in all, I see the ca friendly long deal that Homer signed Carts to as being an easement that can allow a Lieno to be signed and Betts and Powe kill the power penalties, and Nodl to be depth rather than an unproven kid that needs time in the 'A'.

As bad a rap as Homer gets with his Cap management -- and in cases earned -- he IMO has pulled off a great Cap management move yesterday... after a good one with Giroux earlier last week.

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