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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
That logic is questionable though, because the point is that it is a bad contract, or at least an unnecessary one. Just because the team is playing well now, does not make the contract a good one. If he were scoring or adding in solid ways, yes, but he is not. Just because that million isn't hurting us now, who is to say it won't be a problem later? Or, one could argue that putting us so close to the cap will limit roster flexibility later in the season.

Holmgren believes that if there is any money at all under the cap, it must be used immediately. That is a dangerous ideology.
Yeah, our cap situation is very messy right now with the pending return of Walker and Leighton. You are also looking ahead to Bob earning a nice paycheck in bonuses if he keeps up his play, and I have no idea how that works with LTIR... but that could add to our cap next year.

The problem with Holmgren is that he does really, really dumb **** with regularity. He's had enough talent on the team to overcome his stupidity as far as getting to the playoffs the last few years, but stuff like the decision to sign Shelley... it's *ing inexplicable.

So, sure, we have a very good team. How much better might it be if he hadn't given Lupul a contract that hurt his trade value (apparently he also bid against himself for Pronger)? What might we have gotten for Upshall if we weren't in cap hell? Maybe we could have added a piece last year if Randy Jones didn't have that moronic contract that we ended up paying half of for him to play in LA.

Not everything is going to work out... but so much of the stuff that hasn't worked out for Holmgren were bad ideas the moment they were made.

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