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10-06-2003, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky01
he would sit down with Mike Comrie(not Rich Winter) and they would have a little talk and it would go something like this. Lowe would tell Comrie, "look, we need you on our team. I don't have a hope in the world of getting fair market value our of you in a trade so you will not be traded. We think we have a chance at something special now and for a long time to come with the Oilers and we believe you can be a big part of it. We are not that far apart in money so lets bridge our differences. Play hard for this team and you will become a star and the fans and city will love you. If at Christmas time or sometime in the future you want a trade, we will accomadate you, but until you are back with the oilers, you are not getting traded. It is our first priority and first wish to get you back with the Oilers. If you play as well as I know you can, everyone will love you in Edmonton. It's basically your choice but you are an Edmonton Oiler and that will not be changing in the immediate future."

I'm not sure how this has gotten into such a complicated situation. Lowe knows he won't get what Comrie is worth so just tell the kid, you either play for the oilers or you don't play, but do it in a way that makes him feel wanted, respected, and that he will be treated like a star here in Edmonton.

My view on Mike Comrie is that he will become another Theo Fleury. Gritty, chippy, and quite possible a 50 goal 90pt player. No team in the NHL is going to give the oilers close to that in return. Just my 2 cents on a situation that should have been settled long ago.
I agree 100%. We are getting so close to becoming a team to reckon with and Comrie is a big piece of that.

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