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Originally Posted by gmdevils
I'm pretty certain that the right of first refusal is given to the original club. I have heard it several times, and it happened when the Canes claimed Josh Holden from the Canucks, then tried to send him to the minor's, and the Canucks reclaimed him.
More likely because no other teams filed a claim for him, or specifically not teams that were below VAN in the standings the year previous.

The closest thing that I could find in the CBA was this:

13.18. (b) A player who has been acquired by waiver claim shall not be transferred to another Club until the termination of playoffs
of the season in which he was acquired unless he is first offered
on the same terms to the Club(s) that entered a claim when
waivers were requested originally and the offer has been refused.
The way I read this is a bit different, gmdevils.

As an example:
If EDM and DAL were to file waiver claims for Valley off FLA, then EDM would get him because they finished below MIN last year.
If the Oilers then gave him the backup spot on the big club (highly unlikely I know, but this is an example) then half way through the year they decide to trade him to NYR ... MIN could intervene and nab Valley for the waiver fee if they so choosed.

I'm by no means a CBA expert though. Far from it. But that would be my interpretation. Probably this rule is a loophole closer, there to prevent a low-ranking team from picking up guys on waivers and later flipping them to high ranking teams ... and thus cheating all the in-between teams from a fair shot at the player.

In addition, the reason that Lowe would make the 46k or whatever it actually was, is this rule:

13.37. (a) For players and goalkeepers acquired by waivers by
original Club (the Club having lost the player in the Waiver
Draft) as provided in subsection 13.14, the waiver price shall be
reduced by one-half.

(b) The currency for the claiming price shall be determined
by the location of the Club from which the player was claimed.
Yup. I agree totally.

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