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10-06-2003, 02:32 PM
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I tend to agree with eye. If you recall my big strategy post from some time ago I stressed a dynamic system with speedy and skilled players. We have been moving in the opposite direction ever since "Old School Barnett" came abord. Or maybe that direction only was more pronounced after he became GM. I'm happy with the Markov for Tanabe and Knyazev trade because I think we got to players that do have the hockey intelligence and speed to be part of a more dynamic system. Unfortunately I also believe that that trade would not have happened had the Coyotes not decieded to cut some salary. So was it a deliberate step in the right direction or was it a necessary evil? Too early to tell. Maybe, and I really hope they do, management drew the right lessons from last seasons dysmal performance. I still recall the Red Wings game. It was like a chess game between a gifted club player (the Coyotes) and a Grandmaster (the Red Wings). Every move the Coyotes made could be read long before it happened by the Red Wings and they frequently were two or three steps ahead of us in their understanding of the game and their reactions to developing situations. Frankly it was embarrassing.

I hated the Teppo trade because we need every bit of help we can in the form of quality young players and picks (=prospects) that we can possibly have for this franchise to have a true chance of turning it's fortunes around and become a true SC contender. What was the point of playing two poor seasons with a mediocre team when everybody knew that the Coyotes were not going to challenge for real anyway. The time to truly rebuild was the seasons before the new arena. Now it looks like we will be stuck with my worst case scenario, if you recall, a solid club with no real prospects of competing for real for the cup. The only way forward in that case is to start all over and rebuild again, which likely won't happen because fans don't have the patience. That is why I was so gutted by the Teppo trade for peanuts (and the missed opportunity to trade Burke for real return).

Imo the only real way forward is to play dynamic, skilled hockey. It is in that direction the game is evolving, and throwbacks (the present stolid Coyotes) won't cut it. Waldo has some very good words about the coaching "However, when BF mentions a high tempo, fast skating, strong forchecking team rolling over 4 good lines, he is not talking about the Coyotes. His hockey is a slow, plodding, cycle the puck, defense 1st (2nd and 3rd for that matter) perimeter game. That's the kind of coach he is and that's the kind of coach he always will be. BF is not an imaginitive, tactical, intellectual type coach." I happen to be a firm believer in the imaginative, tactical and intellectual type of coach because that is the game I like to see. Hockey is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. You need brains and mental strength as well as stamina to be succesful.

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