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Originally Posted by Iplayhockehh View Post
Hey Guys.

Im a small guy playing in a contact league.(5"4 playing in midget). I'm a good skater who knows how to use my edges, but I've heard something about rolling off a hit. What is that? How can I do that? What else can I work on to become stronger on my skates?

Thanks guys.
Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
You can learn something from watching the pros.

from a Habs prospective, watch a 5'7" Camalleri, he rolls off the hit. He basically spins away from an oncoming hit.

And conversely, watch a 6'1" Pacioretty, he gets creamed often because he does not protect himself, and just lets himself get hit.
Not to steal Joe Cole's thunder or pimp my team, but TJ Oshie is a great player to watch for what you are hoping to learn. His balance, strength on his skates and his ability to read the hit are uncanny. I would say he makes great decisions in getting himself in the best possible position to be hit or make a counter hit....kind of what he's known for.

I concur. The pros know how to do it just as long as you can recognize how they do it.

Good luck.

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