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11-14-2010, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Octagon View Post
Tampa has a salary cap too, ya know. The Flyers had to take Walker because Tampa was taking on a lot of salary. Look it up
Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
TB doesn't do the trade unless the Flyers took Walker's salary back. The only team Gagne would agree to be traded to would not take on his full salary. Gagne was given a NTC back before the cap an homer got stuck with it.
...then don't make the *ing trade. The whole situation was a conscious decision by Holmgren, they didn't put a gun to his head and make him put a boatload of cash into the D and force him into a situation where he HAD to trade Gagne.

Not to mention:

Shelley 1.1M +
Zherdev 2M +
Leighton 1.55M +
Walker 1.7M

= 6.35M

Shelley and Zherdev alone off this roster is more than half Gagne's salary for this year... and Shelley almost certainly will not dress come playoff time.

And if you are taking salary back... don't take 3 damn years of it.

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