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10-06-2003, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by hackey
No one cares if you live in a fish bowl man. To these guys and everyone else involved in hockey at the professional level, Hockey is thier damn life. Let me repeat - this is their damn life. Anything and everything that happens this year, as unimportant as your little post here to a death of one of thier own is fuc*en life. They live and breath it everyday.
If the CBA does not get done, it is affecting thier livelihood. This is what they do in life. Thier life profession. So get a grip if you think this death of a young man doesn't tie into the bigger picture.

instead of lacing my reply with obscenities, ill simply state that your reply speaks for itself in its Incredible narrow-mindedness. i think people like you come to boards like this looking for a fight or argument.

(But oh boy, re-reading what you wrote,, im SOOO tempted to Really reply to your "intelligent" point of view)

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