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05-25-2005, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by salzy
Every team in the league has prospects who suck. What the Avs seem to have done well is sell the rest of the league (as well as internet prospect junkies) on the idea that theirs are actually pretty good. By the time they find out they aren't they're somebody elses problem.

Originally Posted by RoyIsALegend
Of course not, because Pierre Lacroix knows Lou wouldn't fall for this.

Also, I _highly_ doubt either of you or me know more than Harry Sinden or George McPhee, so let's not label National Hockey League General Managers as "idiots."

Don't you think it's a testament whatsoever to Pierre Lacroix that he comes out on top in all these deals?

Or is that just more 'dumb luck?
Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
Also keep in mind, all the places that these "incredible" prospects keep going to the GM's are either idiots, or have been fired. I never see Lou Lamorillo banging Pierre Lacroix's door for these guys
Lou Lamolillo isn't an idiot, that's why. It doesn't take a 'superior telent evaluator' to be able to BS other gm's.

By the's that Theo Fleury trade working out for the Avs, because the Flames aren't doing too bad, Robyn Regehr is only a franchise defenseman now

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