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11-14-2010, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
D'Antoni basketball....

Here's the problems I see:

This personnel does not fit D'Antoni's system.
He's making no adjustments to fit his personnel.

His system relies on a very good PG that can shoot and pass, great shooters all around and great unselfish passing.

Knicks have none of that. The result is what we're seeing.
Felton has made no one better and has not run the offense all that well imo. Looks to be at best a back up PG.
Ding ding ding. D'Antoni was given minimal to work with previous to this season. But if as a coach, he gets the best out of his players, which is his job, this team is battling for 6th-7th in the Eastern Conference.

We will have to agree to disagree on Felton for now, and allow for a little more time to elapse. He pushes the ball well, and finds the open man more times than not. He is better than average at driving to the bucket, in my opinion and even shot better than I anticipated he would thus far. What offense? The disorganization and poor shot selection should not be pinned on him.

Originally Posted by 17futurecap View Post
It would be good if Felton could run the pick and roll at all, tonight was a disaster. If you watch the Suns right now Nash misses Amare, and you watch the Knicks and Amare misses Nash. Anthony Randolph has been a disaster, but if they are going to lose can he play more than seven minutes? Hurts with Turiaf out, Mozgov is way too raw, and fouls someone on every play it seems. Bench is weak, Roger Mason and Billy Walker are not the answers for guys you want coming off the bench. Other than that I feel great about them going to the west coast for four games, and probably coming back 3-11, maybe 4-10 . Carmelo should feast on them in a few nights.
Randolph has got to get more minutes. If you want/expect him to be a valuable member of this team down the stretch and next year, now is the time for the growing pains. Does not make sense that the pre-season has been used as the only barometer for him. Kid has potential--give him minutes and confidence.

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