Thread: Post Game Talk: Edmonton Oilers @ New York Rangers
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11-14-2010, 11:08 PM
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With the Avery situation, If it was anyone else it would not even be a big deal. Smid instigated it, Smid dropped his gloves, and Smid got punched in the ****ing mouth. End of Story.

As for the game itself. EC, Frolov, and gabby impressed. AA got another one which was nice. Stepan could use a little more ice time, he is a playmaker.
I said it in the other thread. We need dubi and cally to keep going, and not think that they do not need to score because we have gabby. We NEED them to score to win games, keep up the secondary scoring.

Overall great game, besides that little 28 second flub. I dont care if it was the oilers, still an NHL team, and a dominant performance.

I am not sure what happened with the EC comment, so I won't speculate. But overall I love this team and how they defend each other, you could see it tonight, and I think even more against washington, thats the way you gotta play defending each other, and having each others backs.
Way to go boys, lets keep it rolling and get some more points

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