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11-14-2010, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
It boils down to Carter's cap hit $5.27M in years where he definitely could have gotten more in the open market, and later during years likely wouldn't. If Carter was a UFA at age 34, he would be unlikely to get that much.
That is nine or so years down the road... What would $5.275 be then? Unless I miscalculated in my quick run I got around $6.3 with a 2% escalation factor per season... plus we must consider that supply and demand and an open market dictates salaries in addition to inflation. A player of Carter's talent and worth down the road may be worth maybe $8M... and much more if the NHL collective revenues rise -- what if ESPN enters the picture with VS and NBC? -- The static amount that Carter will be paid may be a great bargain... Plus, who's to say that a 34 year old two-way player such as Carter will not be still lighting the lamp as one of the teams best players in nine years? What will Giroux be getting if he is signed to three more three year deals? My guess is it will be much greater than a $5.275 Cap hit in 2019... What will the next wave of two-way players with size, speed and great shot be getting?

A 34 year old Carter could be a washed up player who is overpaid... or a Selke candidate who is being paid well under market value... $5.275 in 2019 I figure will be the going rate for a lower than top tier player, so I'm not very worried... And my guess is that on the open market the veteran star Carter could very well command $5.275M. And to his benefit, he doesn't have to worry as he has financial certainty for the next dozen years, so it makes no difference to him if my thinking is solid or crap.

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