Thread: Post-Game Talk: Edmonton Oilers @ New York Rangers
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11-15-2010, 02:23 AM
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Don't start no-****, there be no-****

Disclosure: I'm an Avery fan. But...

If Smid is going to avenge his team-mate (for a clean hit) he needs to go at Aves with "furious anger" and not that will you, won't you crap. Aves initially looked like he declined the dance, if you notice him (and Smid) looking up ice as the Rangers were countering in the offensive zone. I'm not sure about this, but I think (hope) Aves did not want to blow a scoring chance for his team and was just waiting for the play to finish. When the play went no where he pulled the BS. Yes - BS. There was no need to go at that time as the momentum of the retribution has stalled. They should have just skated away. Aves was "classless" to all-of-the-sudden flick on the berzerk switch. That's a punk move imo.

As for Stortini, at least he went at Prust, someone who throws down regularly. What Stortini did was what Smid should have done. You don't get to choose if you're going to're in a fight. Deal with it. Had he gone at Aves hot all this discussion is moot. Therefore, both are to blame.

I'm seriously "man-crushing" Boiler. Pecker wanted no part of him.

As for EC, he said more than he needed to say. He owes Aves an apology.

And man, time for an Oil change. They are terrible. I guess they're in the Larsen sweepstakes to round out their tank division (Hall, Eberly, Pajaarvi, et al) and add a dman to their nucleus. It was nice to see "the Profesor" at the Garden again,

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