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11-15-2010, 09:25 AM
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I was at this game yesterday, and loved every minute of it. The atmosphere for an afternoon game was great. Sorry to see that kids day ended up in the toughest physical game of the year so far, but hey...Everyone enjoyed it, including Chris Meloni from Law and Order who was sporting his Black Fidora! I don't watch that show, but he was a cool guy.

All the talk recently of the Garden changing was 100% accurate yesterday. And while there were alot of kids there and that is what they wanted being Kids day, there was also a crazy amount of Edmonton Oiler fans there. It was almost shocking to see. I am at the Garden alot and when Toronto and Mtl come to town there is always alot of fans. But these fans trekked from Western Canada to watch thier boys play. My section in particular (233) and the sections around me literally had whole rows of Edmonton fans. But...It's pretty easy to figure it out. If you were a fan of another team and you wanted a good three day weekend why not come to ny for a game? With the ticket exchange, fans can easily go online and buy tickets which helps season ticket holder sell off games to make it more affordable. Expect this trend to continue.

When Edmonton took the lead, the EDM fan contingency made some noise. They were loud...real loud! Full blown "Let's go Oilers" chants going on. It was weird to see as again, this is a Western Canadien team. But they weren't obnoxious, they know the game, they love the game...and thier team. And most importantly they were respectful with all the kids there while really going crazy when the team bounced back. No joke, and not a shot at American fans as I am one patriotic individual, but my hats off to the Canadien fans. They know what they are talking about, they know where thier boys came from.

Onto the rough stuff...Going into the seson I had big Mac pegged for top 3 material. Maybe even taking over the title, but Boog beat him down pretty good in the first tilt. When Boogaard went to the box the played "Im the boogey man" which I got a laugh from. This was the first time I really saw the fans give Boogaard a standing O. I think MSG is warming up to him.

After the Rangers poured it on, the Edm contingency were sitting stonefaced like as if to say..."What just happened?" Then the jeers started...And there was one guy on the Radar for the Edm fans. That was Avery. One guy was really giving it to him..."Somebody hit Avery eh!"..."Hey Avery you're so tough, why don't you fight Stortini!?"...Traveling across North America to see your team get beaten up physically, and on the scoreboard is going to take it's tolL. It was good too see that as annoyed as they were they still didn't cross the line with all the kids there. They kept it clean, and my hats off to them again for that. Being there is no better scapegoat than the oppsing teams agitator to take it out on. Avery was the new focus, again this was all before the hit, and fight to follow. Then...Fraser gets crushed. Followed by..."whoooa that was Avery. Get him!" When Smid went over to him the whole section was on it's feet. It was the retribution they were looking for to leave the game with something positive. Then when Avery refused at first it was ..."That's right Avery, your so tough etc etc.." and then it happended. The punch that sent disgust and put the nail in the coffin for the Edmonton contingency. "KA-BAM!" Down goes Smid, and the place goes crazy...this time it's the Ranger fan contingency. "Avery" chants erupt and to send the place into an even bigger frenzy, the line brawl ensues. And at this point, people were literally starting to say, "this is the best game I have been to in years!" Even with the fighting and what not the kids were still absolutlely loving it, so were the parents...So was Cyndi Lauper! And to at least pick the spirits up from the Canadien brethren at the game, they at least got to see thier boys show up for thier fallen teammate with the reaction. On a side note that kind of reaction you wouldn't see from last years Rangers team.

I left there thinking to myself this team still has the same core as last years team, but has a much different feel to it. They are good, and IMO good enough to compete this year in the East. They are physically imposing, and they can score goals especially when the biug gun is back in the lineup.

On final word on the Avery incident.

At the game it appeared to be a fair fight. Smid challenged, and it looked like Avery wanted to gaod him into a penalty, but then decided to fight. Maybe my view was skewed with my beer goggles at that time. Later when I got him I watched it a few times over. What I think is wrong with it is very simply put...Avery didn't abide by "the Code". Smid challenged, Avery hesitated and then decided to go. I only fault Avery for trying to goad him first. But...For Smid, who isn't the biggest fighter he really is a perfect example of if you challenge a guy to a fight, you better get ready to get smacked in the chops. He did get turned around, but I think he was waiting for the prototypical grab the jersey. Avery went straight in for the kill with a punch, and Smid wasn't ready and paid the price.

This incident reminds me of a lesser version of the Dale Purinton/Eric Cairns incident. If anyone remembers that one Purinton got the jump on Cairns and dropped him with a quick right hand. Cairns went down, but Purinton the sick ******* that he was kept punching. I didn't like Purinton actions for hitting him while he was down, but what happened in the next matchup made me sick. Purinton turtled when Cairns went after him.

For this incident, Avery didn't continue to throw punches. But what is unfortunate is these two clubs don't meet for an eternity now.

Lastly...Tom Renney still can't win a game in Madison Square Garden!

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