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11-15-2010, 11:57 AM
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"Deutschland Cup"-break signings

Same procedure as every year. Teams used the break of the Deutschland Cup to assess their performance and look for new additions on the market. I just wanted to share my ideas about the latest signings with you.

Hamburg really failed to live up to their expectations (or potential?!) and thus Richer decided to add two new players to the lineup. Dan Taylor is new in goal, after Marc Lamothe didn't meet Richer's expectations. I highly doubt, Taylor will do better than Lamothe, so why don't you go with a German goalie instead? Sean Curry is new on defense after Coté is out with an injury. He's a big guy, who stacked up lots of penalty minutes over the past seasons. If he's the right player type for the DEL is highly doubtful.

Krefeld signs Duncan Milroy. The winger has already proven his scoring ability in the 2008-2009 season with Ingolstadt. After Krefeld didn't sign Trukhno, Milroy is the wanted addition on offense. He should really help the Penguins with some points.

Mark McCutcheon signs with Düsseldorf, who add a "Wundertüte" to their lineup. I guess he is supposed to fill the role of P.J. Fenton, who didn't live up to the expectations. Time will tell, if McCutcheon can do better. I consider him a weak addition for a foreign player.

What I am kind of disappointed in are the signings of Chris Schmidt and Sean O'Connor by Wolfsburg and Augsburg. I am not a fan of Canadian-born "German" players. Personally I don't like Schmidt's play, I consider him a weak defenseman. I haven't seen O'Connor play yet, but my question is, why Augsburg and the DEL need another "German" like Olver, Heid, Flache, Szwez and Wycisk.

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