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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
You love stuffing words into people's mouths and you love to nitpick. At least that's what I'm getting from this quote.

You're obviously missing the point if you're nitpicking over me picking Thomas an example. I never said Thomas was a hack, but you're a fool if you think 17 games and one month of the season is representative of anything for the end of the season.

I never said the stats are meaningless either.

I never discounted his entire success or brushed off his potential. There's some facts about his numbers that you shouldn't expect to keep up though and the breakaway tidbit is one of them.

While Giroux's a very smart play whose skill-set is perfect for breakaway opportunities, breakaways almost always don't happen unless the opposing defense screws up. If you expect Giroux to get over half his goals and roughly a fourth of his points IIRC on breakaways then be my guest.

17 games isn't indicative of anything long-term. It just isn't. It's like a month and a week into the season.

Not being a downer. The topic is "does Giroux get enough recognition" and I said that he gets more then enough.

I don't see how being grounded and realizing what a small sample size means is being a downer though.
You're not really just being grounded or realizing what a small sample size means, though.

If you take a larger sample size of Giroux's recent play by including the playoff run, then you have even more evidence supporting the claim that the way he's started this season is more of a continuation of last year's playoffs.

The fact is that his level of play hasn't just been over 17's been longer than that. There's no reason to think that it can't continue. And a lot of his breakaways and one-on-one situations have been manufactured chances...not just the defense screwing up.

The fact of the matter is that a 40/40 season from Giroux isn't unrealistic. It's actually pretty fair, given his hockey IQ and skill set. And with the way he's been playing this season and from the playoffs, it's perfectly reasonable to think he'll get there. It is not, however, reasonable to think that 1.5 seasons of third-line minutes and linemates is reason to expect his production this year must statistically tail off, or that his offensive playmaking ability has more to do with defensive lapses than with the fact that his on-ice vision is just insane.

There's no real reason to think his level of play won't continue to be where it is, no matter how many you try to invent.

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