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11-15-2010, 04:06 PM
This is all a joke.
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Dupuis is the perfect example of what's wrong with the supposed "skill" guys we pick up, and why guys like him SHOULD get priority of the Comries and Satans of the world.

Dupuis drives me nuts for the same reasons he drives the others crazy, but I think it gets lost on people how getting into position to take those passes and the opportunities he creates for himself are skills themselves.

He's fast, he's good along the boards, he's first on the puck and he works his ass off on every shift which puts him into favorable spots to score (even though he misses more than he should) Add to that what a pain in the ass he is on the backcheck and how good he is in the d-zone, he's 10 times the player Comrie is.

How are Comrie's opportunities going to come when A) He can't skate B) He can't retrieve C) He can't forecheck? People can't just throw out a vague term like "hands" and think that's the answer. Unless you're a pure SHOOTER like a Semin where you can afford to be a lazy floater and still score 40 goals a year, a Mike Comrie has no value on ANY roster, much less ours.
The problem with guys we are utilizing in the top 6 like Kunitz and Dupuis. Is they are both 3rd wheels. When they are used correctly they are most effective. And that is when they are not on the same line.

Now... Take it that Kunitz is a legit 3rd wheel in the top 6, and Dupuis is a fringe 2nd liner ideal 3rd liner, but this description still holds water with him when you take that into account when both describe Kunitz and Dupuis together.

Assume we had both Kunitz and Dupuis being their ideal role, that of the "3rd wheel", and we had people filling the role of goal scorer on their opposite wing. This would be a very dangerous top 6.

Kunitz - Crosby - Scorer
Scorer - Malkin - Dupuis

I know Dupuis and Malkin never seem to play well together, I am just using that roster placement as a rudimentary example. Even though I cringe at the thought of TK in the top 6, he could probably be counted into this "3rd wheel" mold if there was someone complimenting him on the opposite side.

Basically my point is I would be extremely happy this coming off season if we could grab up at least one 30+ goal scorer that does is CONSISTENTLY, not a reclamation project, or aging cup chaser. Get a guy for a few years that can and has put up that bench mark consistently. Because then with one of these 3rd wheel types I just described, regardless of what line (L1 or L2) that player was put on it would push everyone on the line into their ideal roles.

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