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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
It's pretty rare for all of that, yes. Just because there's warning signs doesn't mean people notice them though and teenage girls aren't the most rational thinking people at times.

My point is that I doubt even her family knows why she killed herself (unless she left a note or something). People who are serious about committing suicide don't try to let others know that they may be suicidal.

I highly doubt the dead care what random people think of them. That's one of the benefits of being dead.

I don't think it's inexcusable and I think it's just as selfish to want to keep someone around who genuinely does not want to be around.

Suicide is a life choice (yes, I realize the pun there). Besides, being selfish isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's good to be selfish every once in a blue moon.
Well, her family may well know why she did it, which is why I'm curious to hear more about the tragedy. Again, I'm no expert on the subject so I do not have data prepared, and if anyone DOES I would love to see if it if proves what I'm about to say to be incorrect, but my understanding is that even the people who actually do it usually have some kind of cry for help first. If those signs aren't recognized or ignored, that's a problem, and that's why I'm curious if there's anything else known about what the signs may have been, if there were any. Generally, I'd say any time something like this happens, there is a significant lesson to be learned.

And being selfish on occasion is beneficial, sure....but usually not when those decisions hurt everyone around you.

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