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11-15-2010, 05:39 PM
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Clark: B+
Pros: Has done a nice job breaking into the zone, even on the PP. He blocks a lot of shots and is usually in position.
Cons: Most of his shots badly miss the net, and he can't get back if he loses a half step on an opposing forward.

Pros: Still can deliver the big hit.
Cons: Shot from the blue line couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, declining foot speed. Isn't as good at breakout passing as I'd hoped.

Pros: Will throw a hit here and there and stand up for teammates.
Cons: Shot accuracy, anyone? Slow, makes questionable decisions with the puck. Poor positioning and slow reaction time as well.

Pros: Is usually in position,
Cons: Doesn't hit, looks shaky with the puck at times, breakout passing?? Has clearly regressed in the past season. He'll let anyone camp out near our net.

Hedman: C-
Pros:Footspeed and strength have increased.
Cons:Seems lost far too often, doesn't throw a big hit when necessary and isn't doing enough offensively.

Smaby: D-
Pros: Hits once in a while
Cons: Foot speed, decision making, no offensive ability. Awful defensive positioning near the net on a routine basis, he's facing the wrong way, for Pete's sake!

Jones: D-
Pros: Can make a nice pass once in a while
Cons: Everything else.

There are a few trends with our defense as I see it. 1)Poor shot accuracy 2)Poor breakout passing 3)Lack of speed 4)Lack of good positioning. Oh, how I yearn for a capable rearguard!

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