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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I agree and stand by the same set of facts. These types of hits typically happen after a team has taken command of a game and or series for the most part and then the obligatory scrum to fight happens afterward.

That also has been a part of the game forever and is part of how it should be in my opinion. Fighting is not only part of the game it is a significant part of the game.

I am not saying that it isn't tedious watching a clean check happen and then everyone mulls around shoving each other because it is. I am saying that if the instigator rule was removed that there would be allot less of that sort of thing due to players who aren't typically physical enough to actually drop their gloves not wanting to take a chance that the guy that they just shoved might just drop the gloves and beat them down.

I base my opinion on the years of international play that I have watched and how the absence of fighting makes watching those games/leagues pretty tedious at times. I spend a season following the SEL (one team in specific but in person) and while at first it was fun because it was a different style of hockey after a time it became apparent that something was missing from the game and that was the physical play.

Sure they would check each other and every now and then push and shove but it seemed obligatory and the heart of the game had been set aside. You could argue that the international size ice was the culprit but having played two seasons on Intl ice and having just as many fights as I did on NA ice I would argue that it didn't have an impact.

In my opinion while it has become a bit excessive (the post clean hit scrum) I believe that it is a result that due to the instigator rule it can't be solved the way that it used to be.

I know that my position is debatable but stand by it.
The only thing I question about your post is that you say big hits only happen after a team has taken command of a game or series. Big hits happen at any time during a game or series, weather it's in the first or last minute or anywhere in between. A good example is Sean Avery's hit last night. He laid a good, clean, hard body check on whoever it was, then Smid came in to fight him, got dropped, and a brawl broke out. In the olden days after a hit like that the game continues without incident.

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