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11-15-2010, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
I'm not saying I want him as a permanent fixture on this team for years to come. I'm saying I'd rather have someone that at least does SOMETHING positive, rather than someone that is doing NOTHING positive.

If Comrie isn't producing, he isn't doing anything. If Conner isn't producing, at least he's hustling and retrieving pucks and battling in the corners.
You know what's unfair in sports? A guy who is supposed to score gets demoted because he doesn't play a grinder's game, but a grinder will never get demoted for not scoring if placed on a scoring line. It's a complete double-standard.

Comrie tonight had two really nice plays, one an easy chip to feed a streaking Crosby as he was changing, and one a nice backhand pass that threaded the needle right in front, but there was no finish.

I'm sorry, but on THIS current roster, Comrie should be playing more. His lack of hustle should never be a big problem if you place him on a line with Crosby and Dupuis/Kunitz. But at least he thinks out there, and might be able to find Sid more often...or even place himself in a quality scoring position now and then, so Sid could feed him.

Tonight's game shouldn't have been close. The top two lines were generating a ton of chances, but no finish at all until very late. We can't keep going to this lineup night after night and expect 3-4 goals because there is simply a big lack of finish.

Comrie isn't a savior, but he's a lot less useless in the top six than centering Line 4, that's for bloody sure.

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