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11-16-2010, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
I dont understand the hate in this thread, let the guy wear what he wants, who cares what it is. At least around here, hockey is about having fun and just being out there, we have guys that can hardly skate that come out in the best stuff, the tinted visor, yellow laces, whatever, and we take them in and help them improve and make sure they have a good time and want to keep playing. There might be the fun nod to the guy about thinking he's Ovi, but its done with a smile on the face and a wink to make sure he knows we're just playing and go for it. We have guys that wear Pens jerseys with 87 on them, guys with 99 and their name on the back, who cares, we're just glad to have people playing.

Ease up here, who cares if he wants white pants, let him go for it if he's having fun with it, thats what its about.

Half the time I'm convinced that all the guys on the internet calling others "benders" and "dusters" and saying they'd "destroy you" are the ones that are really dealing with the Napoleon complex and are the true benders.

Either that or I hope you never show up at our rink acting that way or you'd be asked (or "encouraged") to leave pretty quick.
If I ever come to your rink, you will definitely be the first guy that I tune up and **** pump with right hooks.

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