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10-06-2003, 02:41 PM
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To know the type of player Ryder was, we have to look at his history:

First he wasn't even picked in the Q's draft. He was only an invitee. When he got there, he bacame a fan, and Team Favorite, and the best player on the team. Secondly, was given an inside chance for the World Juniors (I think part of the reason he was invited was because his coach ((Claude Julian)) was the coach of the World Junior Team. When he got there he impressed everyone (including Julian), and was pick for the team (Not only picked , but surpassed anybody's expectations).
Next he was drafted by Montreal, and given a chance for the AHL, where he was basically a health scratch, and fill in for two years (A victim of Montreals Prospect Depth), but when Given a chance exceled at this level.

Now we get to the NHL, given a chance a training camp, and suprises everybody. Who's to say this guy cannot become a Star in the NHL. It seems he's the type of player that makes the best of the situation at hand. His potential is impossible to be determined. He's the type of player that needs to be given a chance, then he runs with it.

I said in one post before that it is his Fate to excel at the NHL level. given the situation (Julian being his coach, the only person who ever had the confidence to give him a chance. Ryder's success not only prove Ryders character, and work ethic, but also prove Julian's good Judgement. He saw potential, that no body else has seen.).


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