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Originally Posted by Hollywood3 View Post
To the various comments about the McGilligutties:

1. Last year they played out west during the Christmas break. While they did very well against Alberta, they also lost to UBC. One thing this showed is that all the CW teams are capable of beating a good team and that the gap between first and last is relatively small.

2. At nationals neither McGill nor UQTR could hold leads. I attribute this in large part to point #1. During the season the CW and AUS teams play good teams all the time. So teams from the AUS and CW found a game against McGill or UQTR to be nothing unusual. For the OUA teams, however, the games were a big step up.

3. The Urban Cowboys had a lukewarm pre-season but once the games started to count they have done well.

4. UNB did slam Alberta and Calgary early in the pre-season. But they did likewise to SMU. Yet they lost to SMU last week. I give UNB full credit for the wins. But it also seems clear that they just started stronger then anybody.

5. McGill is somewhat hampered by their woefully weak schedule. Their opponents have been rated #18, #22, #23, #31, #32, and #34. They have yet to play the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams (Carleton, Concordia, Ottawa) in their own division!

6. Since the middle (and even slightly higher) of the OUA is on par with the bottom of the AUS and CW, the bottom of the OUA (which is what McGill has predominantly played) are teams below the calibre of anything the AUS and CW will ever see outside an exhibition game.
I agree with most of what you state. However SMU was lucky to beat UNB - their goals came on a 5-on-3 power play, a flukey bounce for an empty net goal, and then a final empty netter. No offence to the Huskies, but they didn't outplay UNB.

The McGill coach admitted in Thunder Bay that they are not used to the officiating difference at Nationals - apparently the officials in Quebec call everything, and you could see the Redmen getting upset by "non-calls" in their eyes, which for most of us is "normal" officiating. It put them off their game a bit, especially Verrault-Paul who ended up taking retaliatory penalties.

Face it. Ontario East is weak. McGill is seldom challenged in conference play ... they don't face a lot of adversity. So I agree, when they get to the national stage they are facing unfamiliar teams from CW and AUS who know about winning, losing, and the difference it takes.

Don't get me wrong. I like the McGill program. If they were in the AUS or CW I could see them thriving on the competition and being a contender. But they're stuck in a weak conference and that may continue to hold them back from winning it all. I'm glad that they play so many NCAA teams and make near annual trips to the AUS. As much as X is struggling to score goals now, I will surprised if X doesn't at least split their two games, and I will be very, very surprised if UNB loses to McGill on the 30th.

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