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11-16-2010, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SnipeShow91 View Post
I agree and disagree with this post. I watched the game and it wasnt a flukey game at all, just the 2nd goal. A win is a win. UNB didnt lose any spots in the top 10 and is still first place. So they wont tie last years record.
I don't believe a "win is a win" is the case when you are discussing rankings, which is the point of this thread. Home teams dominate wins in the CW and AUS, so a win on the road is more important than one at home, and vice verse. When a team "steals" a win against an opponent thanks to say a goalie (which wasn't the case in the UNB-SMU game) you might discount it a bit because you speculate/wonder/doubt if it can be repeated. When a team is terribly short-staffed, like Lethbridge a few weeks ago, you shouldn't hold that against them too much in rankings (unless those missing players won't be coming back). Beating a less skilled team (like the majority of the OUA East) is not exceptional, so a winning record based solely on beating those teams doesn't make your team an exceptional team. There are tons of variables that discount a "win is a win" and Hollywood is doing an admirable job trying to prove just that.

Okay, rant over.

P.S. Five voters moved their first place vote from UNB to Alberta this week, so there were consequences for UNB losing to SMU.

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