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11-16-2010, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Dump and Chase View Post
The excerpt from the article you posted was almost entirely about ice time with a little bit about the commitment level required for many rep hockey systems. I was responding to that.

I don't advocate violence or negative behavior from coaches, parents or players in any way. It should be dealt with immediately and with harsh consequences.

But I disagree with the tone of your excerpt and I am obviously not alone.

If you or your kid wants equal ice time go play house league hockey. It's pretty simple. In rep hockey you have the most competitive kids and you have coaches who are judged on their ability to win games. That is the way it is regardless of your opinion and your right to ***** about it.

Unfortunately in house league everyone will be so busy clicking a stop watch to make sure everyones ice time is exactly equal they won't have much time to teach your kid any new skills or the value of giving your all in competition and in life.

But once again. It's your choice.
I agree that Ice time should be a merit granted commodity which is another issue around our decision to leave the team. The trainer who son who is a first year goalie with huge issues demanded .5 ice time for his son. As opposed to my son who was scouted by 2 teams at a higher level and is a 4th year goalie who gets all sort of training out side of the team in and out of season.
At first the coach and trainer wanted to play the kids 2 periods / 1 period. I stopded that

It's the WIN at all cost attitude that gets my blood boiling.

If you are a coach who selects a team you need to give the kids ice time bottom line, but playing a kid 16 min as opposed to 22 min thats merit granted time. But sitting a kid because he had other obligations that is just megalomania.

Yeah my first response was a bit snarky as was yours.

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