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11-16-2010, 02:48 PM
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Rogers cell customer? Get unlimited calling!

After getting yet another $200 + phone bill I called rogers to cancel.

My contract has expired so I'd be able to back out without charges.

The rep forwarded me to customer retention...

Here is what they offered:

unlimited local calling for $35

value pack that included voicemail, caller id, and 2500 text messages (for $10

total = $45 plus taxes ( best part, not making take a new contract -- using my existing phone)

This is an offer you can only get at the 'customer retention' center

My plan before:

200 Minutes
unlimited after 6pm and wkends
only 75 text msgs, unlimited incoming text, caller id/ voice mail

I was paying 55$ plus tax

I'm saving 10 $ plus getting unlimited calls

I know that other phone companies are now offering unlimited calling ; but in case you want to stay with Rogers and getting ripped off with there 200 minute / free evening / wkend scheme -- call now and get unlimited calls for probably cheaper than what you are already paying.... And DO NOT accept a new contract of 3 years.

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