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10-06-2003, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Jim_Harnock
The problem in making a trade with NYR is that with the exception of Lundmark, any halfway decent guy on your roster is making three times what he should be.

The only other tradeable assets the Rangers have, came from the Oilers, and it is unlikely the Oilers would want them back.

As far as Tjutin or Blackburn, I doubt Sather would move Blackburn, and Tjutin is the only projected top 2 defensive prospect the Rangers have so that is also unlikely. Perhaps a guy like Lampman, who has looked extremely solid the last two preseasons for the Rangers though.

I remember reading somewhere that Lunqvist could actually be a better goaltender than Blackburn. I haven't seen Lunqvist play so I couldn't verify that though.

Would either of these seem fair:

Lundmark, Lampman, and a second round pick.


Just Blackburn for Comrie.

Perhaps I am overvaluing Blackburn, but he has looked like the real deal.

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