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11-16-2010, 03:07 PM
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I don´t think they will- above all because of the system in the Western and Eastern Slovakia leagues at the U12-U16 level when they´ll only play against the other top 3 teams from the Eastern Slovakia group- which will most probably include Košice, Poprad and I guess SNV, so there will be no easy points against Bardejov and Humenné. Had they been playing Central Slovakia league where all teams play each other until the end, it wouldn´t be such a stretch ad that´s why I see Banská Bystrica´s 1997 born Peter Valent probably at the top of the ranking by the end of the season.

Also, Prešov being rookies in the U18 Extraliga this season, I wouldn´t be surprised if they played there rather than 9.ŠHT by the end of the season.

But this seems like a very strong class from Prešov as they haven´t lost a game yet and are leaving even Košice and Poprad behind them in the rankings.

I haven´t heard much about Krasničan or Milý, but I have heard Marko Ferenc´s name before, I think he was named the best forward at a tournament in Russia, which Prešov´s youngsters won last season. An article about it here.

The one thing, we shouldn´t forget when talking about this class is that there also are players who are playing Extraliga dorastu already, like F Juraj Šiška from Nitra, D Adrián Sloboda from Skalica etc. Still, there isn´t anyone making a name for himself there like the 1955ers did last year, not sure why it is- where the 1994s way too bad last year or are the 1995´s too good to let younger players play? And I think that some of the players who are dominating 9.ŠHT should at least get a shot with dorast, like for example Marco Halama from Zvolen, he had already been dominating ŠHT9 last season as an underager, what will one more year there give him?

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