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11-16-2010, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Satan'sIsland81 View Post
There is no doubt in my mind that the Islanders (Garth Snow and Charles Wang) are behind this. What is the coincidence that something would be going on behind the scenes with Point Blank the day after Gordon is fired and after two TRUTHFUL articles by Botta about the (crappy) state of this franchise.

Ill tell u what, if it ever comes out that the Isles are trying to censor Botta for speaking negatively about what is a disgraceful and disgustingly run organization, I am through with this team as a fan until both of those clowns are gone. I am already not going to any more games, but I will not watch them, I will not even take calls from their pathetic ticket reps, done, period.

Guess we can all look forward to Strang and her no new-news stories indefinitely, as she continues to serve in her role as Islanders PR director, ooops, I mean beat writer.
Strang is awful in her coverage, i know she is young reporter but she has no idea about the sport she is covering and has no idea the apathy the fan base has for this team. If Botta is out we are down to Strang and the 7th woman and her fluff pieces on baking for the players and how much she loves Rob Schremp and his "awesome" skills. I sometimes feel that since Wang grew up or at least has a background in a communist regime and he is starting to run Islanders like a communist regime with the prevention of leaks, prevention of opinions from reporters etc. He ran CA the same way, Gordon did not play DP enough so off with his head

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