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11-16-2010, 04:18 PM
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I was in a similar situation until I pulled my kid off a team recently.My kid plays defense,so does the asst coach's kid.Guess what,my kid gets moved to the wing and the team plays with only 3 defensemen.I confronted the man concerning this and was told he needed a fast forward,which my son was.Well I let this go,so did my son.Within a couple of games the coach was yelling and swearing at my son because he was out of position,what do you expect - played defense all his life.After a few games of tolerating this coach's crap I decided to say something.His excuse was that he was intentionally trying to get my son mad so he would take it out on the other team.After this talk he was OK for a few games and then back to the same .This time my son talked to him to find out what the problem was and was told by the coach that he was just intense and got emotional during games and not to take it personally.The very next game my son played less than 6 minutes.I confronted the head coach and he backed up his assistant.Next day I asked for a release citing the unprofessional behaviour of the asst coach and was granted one within hours with a full refund.Got him onto a HL team and he's alot happier.Tere are alot of coaches around like this who's only concern is winning and their own kid's ice time.Youth hockey is supposed to be about fun and developement not just winning.To all coaches that think winning is the most important thing,put it aside for once and imagine how proud you and all who you have coached would be if one of your players make it to the show.Also when you decide to sit a player don't do because he's not the best on the team - you picked him.Do it for lack of effort,how do the lesser players get better - by playing.

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