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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, Giroux is incapable of getting a NTC... and Carter did get a full one for a few years, and then a limited one.

I'm also not sure on the whole Rags not getting stuff... they show remarkable persistence in grabbing crap when they feel it will fill a need. The Caps, I don't get why they didn't make a move for a D this past offseason... but they are also coming off a President's Trophy.

Homer's teams have yet to earn home ice.

I would rather have a team make an ECF and a SCF two of the past three years.

I am surprised how engrained your dislike is for Homer. You are often the one to point out that facts and figures are more important then observations because observations can be skewed by our predjudices. I agree with you there.

You make the point that we shouldn't just look at the team's success and say Homer is doing a great job because he has made mistakes that have cost the team. However, at the end of the day the guy still has a lot of chips on the table to play with.

I manage a lot of people. I know you can't just manage to results. Sometimes people are successful because they do the right things, sometimes because they are fortunate, and sometimes people work hard and do the right things but still aren't successful. That's why I believe you should manage to best practices because over time whether you are hot or not, or whether you are lucky or not, if you are doing the right things consistently you will be successful.

Homer has done enough good things that he has been able to overcome mistakes and still ice a really solid squad that has been a cup favorite last season and is looking like one again this season.

The guy does a good job of evaluating draft picks and unsigned FAs so when he makes a mistake like Klotz his team isn't drastically affected. All teams have scouts that think they see something in a player that others don't from time to time. Usually you end up with a Klotz but if you are doing a good job drafting otherwise you can take a shot from tim to time. When you have a squad made of of young guys like Richards, Carter, Giroux, JVR, Coburn, etc you can afford to sacrifice some draft picks to take a shot at the brass ring.

People say he got lucky with Bob but the whole point of building his team the way he did was that they could win with almost anyone in net behind their D so it's not really just dumb luck. The fact that Bob is playing lights out makes it that much sweeter but even if his play drops a notch this team's d will help carry most goalies.

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