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11-16-2010, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Bigchiefwantdacup View Post
If it had been a Sioux player it wouldnt even be news because thats what we all expect from them.
Im fine with what Smith did. Apparently Sue teaches her players that tackling is allowed in hockey and the refs werent calling it, so Smith did what he felt he needed to.
I cant remember the last time that I saw a player get speared on a breakaway attempt right in front of the ref and it wasnt a penalty for interference, but apparently that the level of officiating in the WCHA.
I can also recall at least 4 or 5 instances where UW players blew right by NoDak players on a breakaway and the NoDak player responded by grabbing the Badger by the ankle and dragging him to the ice but again, no call. When you play North Dakota you know thats what they are going to do try to do to you, so its not exactly a big shock but the blown calls by the WCHA refs is was a disappointment.
Just like in the case of that NoDak goal that got overturned. The ref saw the NoDak player in the crease and still said it was a good goal. I dont know who the refs were that officiated that game, but I hope the WCHA assigns them elsewhere in the future.
I can understand Smith's frustration, although it was a pretty stupid penalty.
The weekend was pretty one sided in the favor of The Green Giouxns...the refs had nothing to do with the outcome. I know both of us, as well as all Badger fans, expected more from a team that has overachieved to this point, against a seasoned team primed for a FF run. Even if the instances you cited were called, Bucky still would have been swept. Like we said before, good learning experience for a young team. I have no doubt Eavers will have the troops ready for the rematch when Broadmoor time rolls around, if not the NCAAs, which is still not out of the question.

The responce against Duh-luth this weekend will be huge in terms of the resolve of this team. Personally I'm expecting a good weekend and season to follow. I can't throw in the towel on a season based on one weekend when the team was clearly overmatched.

I'm not fine with what Smith did at the time he did it since the game was still in the balance. If he did that at a time when Bucky had the game won it would have been awesome I don't mind a little goonery from my team from time to time! You gotta have some attitude to survive in The W, after all.

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