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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I wouldn't waste your money, the one95 is a great stick. You may be skinny but shooting is more about technique and leverage than strength anyways, at 5'11" you should be able to flex a 77 flex one95 just fine. Your technique probably needs work, chances are you need to work on getting your legs into your shot, really learning to transfer your weight properly as you're shooting. Look up instructional videos on youtube and practice a bunch at stick and puck instead of spending money on a new stick when you already have a very good one.
My legs get into my shot... I cant put enough weight on it when taking snappers for me to feel it. I can flex it off the ice but it's way different then on the ice skating. Standing still on shoes and moving on skates.

Doesn't ovechkin weight 220 lbs and use a 80 flex?
my stick is cut 1 inch so it's arround 80 flex. That's 10 pounds over the suggested flex for my weight. He's 60 lbs under.

EDIT: You use a 77 flex and you're 1 inch taller and 30-35 pounds heavier. I think it's safe to say that a lower flex would benifit my snap and wrist shots. Thanks for the response though.

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