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11-16-2010, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Caius Merlyn View Post
No that's not quite the end ...

Penner has had seasons of 19, 78, and 3 times 82 games.

- In the season with 19 games one would not expect 30 goals.
- He is on pace this year for 30 goals, however in reality it is questionable if he'll hit that number
- in one of those years with 82 games he scored 29 goals

Calling Penner a 30 goal scorer doesn't work as he has only done it in one of his seasons in the league. Once more he was close (the year with 29) however even then it is only 2 out of 4 seasons with 30 goals

I equate it to stating that Martin Havlat is a 30 goal scorer (once in 7 season of 56 games or more)

Another good example would be calling Brad Boyes a 40 goal scorer as he has done it in just one season. (in 5 seasons with 81 games or more)

Penner has not been consistent enough to bring back the return that Edmonton fans are lookin for, and calling him and a 30 goal scorer and saying end of story does not describe his ability and talents properly.

Boyes and Penner are very similar cases and I don't think anyone trading for Boyes would believe they are trading for a 40 goal scorer
How dare you say Jason Blake isn't a 40 goal scorer.

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