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11-16-2010, 09:07 PM
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Presumably, Millard has reported that Schenn is being sent down to Manchester in order for the Flames to get a better look at him, and if a trade were to go down, they'd ultimately get to decide what to do with Schenn in re: to staying in the NHL or going back to juniors.

The bones of that makes sense, but the last thing that I see DL doing is trading a top six center for an aging Iglina, unless management is telling him to do it. I believe that there is some truth to what he has heard, but it's in order for another team to get a good look at him. If the Staal rumors have any bit of truth to them (top center, goal scorer, cup winner, etc.), that's what I see happening. Rutherford himself stated today that they are trying to shed some salary and acquire a dman, and even though he obviously said nothing about Staal, it shines some more light on it.

Farfetched, perhaps, but what they are doing with Schenn also has me scratching my head. If he is to be traded, it has to be for another center, and not some aging, expensive guy.

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